This section celebrates disciples taking forward steps in their personal relationship with God.

people made first-time decisions to follow Jesus


First Steps


people rededicated their lives to Jesus


people were baptized

5 kids

18 youth

3 young adults

5 adults


people have been baptized since 2013

I began attending WMB, where I immediately felt God’s undying love in a way that I never had experienced before. Since then He has humbled me and made me realize that He has a plan for me greater than I could imagine. I am finally ready to lay down my life and start living for Him.

Congregant, Baptism testimony

During one of our Home Group meetings, we talked about our life before Christ and our life after. It made me reflect on what had changed inside of me. I had come from a place of being angry, without hope, and lonely to one of forgiveness and peace; angry at what life had become to focusing on forgiving others and accepting each day as a new day filled with His hope and grace.

Home Group Member, Baptism testimony

Next Steps

about 185 people engaged
in prayer ministries

Prayer Chain, weekly prayer meetings, pre-service prayer on Sunday mornings

110 people participated in a Discover Discipleship course

I hope to use my life and my gifts and my voice in a way that helps others feel the way you’ve made me feel – loved, supported, included and inspired – in hopes they, too, will find that the key to life is Jesus Christ.

Congregant, Baptism testimony

Digital Discipleship

Since our Vimeo channel's launch in our fourth quarter, message videos gained a total
of 683 plays.

This year, our message audio on SoundCloud logged a total of 5,139 plays and was accessed by listeners in 50+ countries.

Relationship with God